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  • Prime Time Sportscaster/Live Sports Show Host, currently featured on: CBS Sports, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, NBC News,  FOX News, ABC News, Westwood One News, CNBC, USA Radio News affiliates, and across North America and worldwide on iHeartRADIO, Spotify, and previously featured on  ESPN, SB Nation, Time Warner Cable, and Spectrum Cable  affiliates
  • Featured on hotel television in Prime Time from coast to coast
  • Producer/Director/Writer/Voice Actor
  • Graduate: Duke University, Fuqua School of Business MBA, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Purdue University
  • Statistics & Probability Expert
  • High Win Percentage picks for NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB/NCAA 
  • Born and Raised in Chicago
  • Booking and winning bets based on money movement since 1983

What I do for you:


I provide top-tier upcoming game analyses and money movement  information that gives you, the sports bettor, a true gambler's edge over casino sportsbook "experts." 

Whether you are betting at the casino sportsbook, with an online gaming platform, or with your neighborhood bookie, Sal The Bookmaker may keep you ahead of the game with timely flat bets, parlays, multi-leg team bets, and enticing proposition bets. I will keep you headed in the right direction with your action. You work too hard for your money to get sucked into bad bets!  BE SMART!

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I'm the guys that the sportsbooks don't want you to know about! Combine hard-hitting sports knowledge, money movement analytics, and proven handicapping experience from Chicago and Las Vegas... the result is winning information for your sports betting by Place Your Bet!


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